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Slovenia My Future

Green Reference Country in DIgital Europe

Believe in Slovenia

A green Reference Country in Digital Europe

“Slovenia is a magically beautiful and diverse
European country, situated where the Alps
meet the Mediterranean. With just over
two million inhabitants, we maintain our
own sovereignty, language and identity and
develop stable and well organized public
systems. Ours are the treasures of the future
– green forests, crystal clear waters and
unspoiled nature with stunning variety – all
located in a remarkably small area.


Owing to its exceptional geostrategic
position, strong education system, stable
social care, accessible healthcare and
vibrant culture, all connected with modern
infrastructure, both physical and digital,
Slovenia is well suited for future sustainable
development. Not only is it one of the safest
countries in the world, it also offers an
enviable but affordable quality of life. The
current government has brought political
stability and introduced closer cooperation
with the private sector and research area in
order to restore inclusive growth.


We are aware that the future lies in
connected digitalization, and that digital
technology needs to help build a green and
inclusive society. With a view to successfully
implementing the opportunities provided
by digital solutions at the system level,
the government also must play an active
coordinating role. In much the same way as
we faced our democratic political changes in
the beginning of the 1990’s, we have decided
again to step forward and to become a
green-reference-country in a digital Europe.

Our aim is not simply to benefit from future
solutions, but also to be involved in their
creation. We are therefore unwavering in
our resolve to work with the best in a spirit
of mutual respect in order to achieve our
common goals. The implementation of bold
digital solutions at the system level will help
bring about better and more efficient state
systems with better governance, leading to a
better life for us all."



Boris Koprivnikar
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister
of Public Administration of the Republic
of Slovenia









"Gradually, consciously, and in an
organized way, Slovenia is becoming
a “Green reference country in digital
Europe” because we are enhancing
cooperation between the Government,
business sector, science and civil
society, with one clear goal: to improve
business opportunities and increase
the living standard of Slovenian citizens
through the help and opportunities
brought by digital transformation.


Digital transformation represents an
opportunity for our country to use its
resources in sustainable way and
speed up its development. With digital
technologies, a circular economy, inclusive
growth, increased productivity,
and new green business opportunities
are within our reach.

We strongly believe that digital transformation
does not indicate computerization
of existing business processes,
but rather brings radical changes to
our business models, financial flows,
supply and demand. It will completely
and irrevocably transform our way of
life. That is why the Slovenian Government
strongly supports Slovenian
business initiatives which recognize
those opportunities and greatly endorses
companies that are changing their
business models and collaborating
with each other in the domestic, as
well as international business environments.
Of course this endorsement
should not involve merely an understanding
of business development:
the Government is dedicated to adopt
the public infrastructure, legislative
environment, as well as the content
and manner of public administration
operation in general.

As much as we are looking for partnerships
between government, business
and science, we are also searching
for new partnerships with the drivers
of technological development, as we
strongly believe that the implementation
of modern digital solutions is not
possible without prior development cooperation,
which should be cooperative
and understand the interests and role
of both business and government."



Boris Koprivnikar
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister
of Public Administration of the Republic
of Slovenia



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