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The content of this website has been moved to, the state administration's main website published on 1 July 2019.
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Public Procurement Directorate

Within the Directorate, the following services are active:
1. Public Procurement System Sector,
2. Public Procurement Sector and
3. e-Business, Consultation, and Analysis Sector.

The Directorate is responsible for the public procurement system, which in addition to the preparation of the regulatory framework of the public procurement system (e.g. preparation of regulations, coordination of the Slovenian public procurement legislation with the European acquis, and systemic monitoring and participation in coordinating the public procurement regulations of the European Union and World Trade Organisation) also provides user support for the public procurement system. With respect to the latter, the Directorate:

-    provides telephone consultations on public procurement for contracting authorities and providers with the number 01 478 1688. Consultations are available every Tuesday and Thursday between 9 a.m. and 12 Noon;
-    provides general non-binding interpretations of the Public Procurement Act and regularly publishes the Directorate’s views on its web page,
-    ensures the publication of useful information on public procurement
-    prepares recommendations, guidelines, and manuals for public procurement in different areas (e.g. construction, architectural and engineering services…).

The Directorate also performs tasks relating to electronic public procurement, including development and management of a system which fully supports electronic public procurements. Parts of the system are integrated in the corresponding back-office systems (registration of financial obligations, storage of electronic documents in the document system, and acquiring data from public records). Additionally, the Directorate ensures the functioning of the public procurement portal through which communication between procurers and potential bidders takes place (publication of notices, clarifications of questions by procurers, publication of contract procedures), publication of contracts in accordance with the Public Information Access Act, and is responsible for upgrading the portal, adding new functions which ensure transparency of public procurement.

The Directorate’s remit also includes preparing annual reports on the awarded public procurements in the Republic of Slovenia and various analyses on the public procurement system.

The Public Procurement Directorate for the purposes of joint procurements and procurements on the behalf of the authorities of the Republic of Slovenia carries out joint public procurements of the Government in accordance with the act on public procurement, as well as other procurements for which the Government authorised the Ministry of Public Administration. It also gathers the needs of the authorities of the Republic of Slovenia and proposes to the Government joint public procurements, as well as manages the information system which, in line with the contract or framework agreement, enables the awarding of an individual contract.


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