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Visit of the delegation of the International Monetary Fund

On Friday, 30 November 2018, the Minister of Public Administration Rudi Medved, together with a delegation of experts and co-workers of the Ministry, accepted the delegation of the regular annual mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The visit of the delegation in Slovenia is taking place between 28 November and 11 December 2018.

Minister Medved introduced some of the topics that the Ministry of Public Administration is currently working on. He briefly presented the process of negotiations with the public-sector unions, focusing on the removal of administrative barriers and the area of better legislation. In this context, he also referred to the Single Document of Measures as an effective mechanism for cooperation with citizens and a possible way towards simplification.


The work of the Ministry was also presented in detail by the Head of the Development Office Ms Jelena Tabakovič, Acting Director General of the Directorate for Public Sector Mr Peter Pogačar, Head of the Public-Sector Wages Sector Mr Branko Vidič and Head of the International Cooperation Service Ms Breda Mulec.


The delegation of the International Monetary Fund was:
Bernardin Akitoby, Head of the IMF Mission for Slovenia
Larry Cui, a member of the Mission
Jens Reinke, a member of the Mission
Mojca Grilc Ropert, Bank of Slovenia