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Argentina: Minister Koprivnikar Participated in Debate on 25th Anniversary of ITU Development Sector

On the 25th anniversary of the Development Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) participants debated on the role of technology in the realisation of the 2030 development goals, development of the digital economy and the role ITU in accelerating digitalisation in a global level. On this occasion, Minister Koprivnikar held a special address on digital economy.

As the Minister stressed, for the technology of the future – such as the 5G networks, the Internet of Things, Big Data, blockchain – cognitivity is especially important, as it will support better decision-making, more effective operation and higher productivity. In the future, the ICT technology will have the face of a human being, as we develop and adjust it to our own needs.

We digitalised processes, created mobile services, and now it is time to make smart decisions based on digital solutions. Minister Koprivnikar added that we will have to synchronise platforms and processes with other countries on a global level, only thus will we have the solutions all of us will be able to use – similarly we are trying to establish a Single Digital Market in the European Union. ITU is of big help in this process and we wish to further this cooperation and for ITU to remain a useful organisation for all its Member States, and an important factor of global sustainable development, according Minister Koprvinikar.

The Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union Houlin Zhao pointed out to Slovenia and its achievements, and most importantly Slovenia’s approach towards solving the challenges of the digital society where the Government cooperates with the economy, the research sphere and civil society in the so-called Digital Coalition.


Bilateral meeting with the Minister of Modernisation of Argentina

As part of his visit to Argentina, Minister Koprivnikar met with the Minister of Modernisation of Argentina Andres Horacio Ibarra. During their conversation, the two agreed that Slovenia and Argentina have similar ways for solving digital challenges, mostly in the provision of an efficient public administration, removal of administrative barriers for better business operation, accelerated opening of data and building confidence in the Government.

Minister Koprivnikar presented his Argentinian colleague Slovenia’s achievements in the digitalisation of society, among which he pointed out the centralisation of the state information technology, the State Cloud, interoperable solutions and e-public procurement as well as the network development. At the end of the meeting the both ministers agreed on strengthening cooperation between Slovenia and Argentina and to exchange good practices, as well as searching common solutions in the field of digitalization.

Along with Minister Ibarra, Minister Koprivnikar also met with other leading representatives of the Buenos Aires province and city, which is among the most developed area in Argentina on the field of digitalization. At those meetings, he also agreed with his counterparts for concrete activities which will strengthen the cooperation between Slovenia and Argentina.


Other meetings of Minister Koprivnikar’s visit to Argentina

Minister Koprivnikar also met with the representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration of the Buenos Aires province. Pablo Saccani, undersecretary for modernization of the Buenos Aires province, who manages the directorate in charge of the planning, development and control of the state plan for the modernization of the Buenos Aires province, was interested mostly the good practices Slovenia has to offer in the field of the inclusion of ICT in the public administration for ensuring better services for citizens.

Minister also met with the representatives of the IOMA Health Insurance, the largest health insurance in the Buenos Aires Province. The representatives of IOMA were mostly interested in e-commerce and the digitalisation of processes in health care (e-Health, e-Referral, e-Prescription…), as this has not been yet organised in Argentina.
The Slovenian delegation also met with the representatives of the Agency for foreign investments and foreign trade.