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Minister Koprivnikar in Argentina at the ITU WTDC-17 Conference

Monday 9 October, the International Telecommunication Union - World Telecommunication Development Conference began, where Minister Koprivnikar with his delegation is also taking part.

The day before the official beginning of the conference, Minister Koprivnikar met with there living Slovenes. He presented Slovenia’s achievements, mostly in the field of digital transformation of society and the planned activities for the strengthening of the competitiveness of the Slovene economy.  He stressed the importance of cooperation with the Slovenes living abroad, as they present a connection between Slovenia and the countries, in which they live. They are an important link and factor in promoting Slovenia and its successes.

The representatives of the Slovene societies pointed out the importance of similar meetings with the government representatives; they praised Slovenia’s progress and promised help in promoting Slovenia in Argentina.

On Monday 9 October Minister Koprivnikar met with the Minister of Information and Communication of Kazahstan Dauren Abayev and later took part at the High Level Segment at the ITU WTDC-17 Conference. In his address, he said that the electronic and mobile services are being developed; however, in the future the development of smart services has to be accelerated. He explained that the objective of the “Slovenia, a green reference country in digital Europe” initiative is to achieve the usefulness of digital solutions at system level. “In creating modern digital solutions in Slovenia we include all members of society, from the Government, businesses, the research sphere and civil society, which form a Digital Coalition. This is how we ensure trust, trust in the Government, trust in digital services which provide a higher quality of life of our citizens and better business conditions of Slovenia’s businesses.”

He also pointed out that open data are a public good and one of the most important elements on which we build trust in Slovenia. “I believe that our activities will help to achieve the goals of sustainable development 2030 and Slovenia is prepared to share its activities with other ITU Member States” concluded Minister Koprivnikar.